Ok, you have your real estate license, now what? 

Here’s a few tips to get you started:


Understand what drives you in your career. Do you work for vacations, retirement, college funds? Your WHY is what keeps you focused and moving forward.

There is so much to learn when you first get started that keeping your WHY at the forefront can help keep you on task.

Write your WHY down on a sticky note to look at every day or add your WHY to your computer screensaver so it is before you daily.


As a real estate agent, there are a great deal of shiny new objects to entice you, especially programs offering new contacts.

Do as much as you can for little to no cost in your first few months then invest in tools that will leverage tasks to free up your time.

Attend networking events, volunteer with a local non-profit or use social media to share your business with others.


There is always something new to learn in this business, even if you have been at it for years.

Your brokerage should offer classes for things like knowing your legal documents, how to plan an open house, servicing a buyer, etc.

Take classes as often as you can to learn whether in your office or from your peers. Connect with engaging social media groups from around the country that provide value and insight such as LabCoat Agents on Facebook


Most clients have the information to begin their search at their finger tips with the internet.

Providing value outside of property descriptions such as community events, referring home service companies or the latest changes in property taxes is providing value and showing how much of an asset you can be.


There is no magic pill to becoming successful in real estate. It calls for showing up every day and sometimes doing the same tasks over and over with no results.

Make calls every day, record your interactions in a database and study your areas inventory and pricing. Similar to planting seeds, you will reap a harvest through patience.


When you believe there is plenty to go around versus there will never be enough you will be living in abundance.

You won’t worry what others are doing but will be able to celebrate success for your peers and welcome your own with open arms.

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